Top 10 Cannabis Strains

Top 10 Cannabis Strains

Since we opened our doors at Redi in July of 2021 we’ve sold HUNDREDS of top-notch premium cannabis products. As we approach our three year anniversary, we found ourselves wondering, what are the ALL-TIME best-selling products? Which jerseys would hang up in our rafters, legendary among our guests? With that in mind, we assembled a list of Redi’ legends, dependable products you can count on day in and day out.


1. Betty’s Eddies-Bedtime Betty-Lemon Agave

Betty's Eddies


Lemon Agave taffy-style chews with 5MG of THC and 2MG of Melatonin, these tasty chews are the go-to sleep solution for HUNDREDS of Redi guests. For many guests, Bedtime Betty’s eases them to an easy, dreamy sleep night in and night out. Plus Betty’s Eddies are vegan, gluten-free, and made with all natural ingredients. You can also save 10% of these (and all other edibles) every Monday as part of our MUNCHIE MONDAY PROMO. If you’re looking for an easy-lift to dreamland, look no further!




A presence on our shelves from day one, Kanha gummies are a tremendous, flavor filled gummy. The Watermelon flavored Kanha are made from a blend of Hybrid flower and the effects are often reported as well-balanced, giving the user a light, social bounce that feels like you’re floating on a cloud. Perfect for a day-out, socializing with friends, or even getting engrossed in a good book. A hybrid gummy tends to match and amplify the energy that you’re putting out. Kanha gummies come in 10MG pieces that are perforated and can easily be split into two 5MG pieces. If you’re a fan, don’t miss KANHA DAY! Every month on the 15th these gummies are available at a very special price!




Another Kanha entry on the list! The Cranberry-Pomegranate Punch gummies are a Sativa Nano Edible. The “nano” refers to the fast-acting properties of the gummy (read more here). Nano edibles are typically reported to take effect in between 20-45 minutes, a much faster onset time than the typical, non “nano” effect timeline of 1-2+ hours. The Sativa profile means that users often experience an invigorating rush of energy, euphoria, and laughter with these delicious gummies. Perfect for a night on the town, a concert, dance party, or some “quality time” with your partner. If you’re a fan, don’t miss KANHA DAY! Every month on the 15th these gummies are available at a very special price!




Made with a blend of “Northern Lights”, “Skunk” and “Haze” flower, the award-winning Mango Super Silver Haze took 2nd Place in the 2021 High Times People’s Choice Cannabis Cup. This sativa flavor was created using a base of Super Silver Haze cannabis terpenes combined with additional natural botanically derived terpenes. Our line of all natural vape products deliver a smooth, great taste with none of the additives or fillers. Users typically report an energizing, euphoric experience ideal for both social or creative situations! This stellar 1G cartridge is also included in an ongoing special offer where you can buy 2 FOR $60! 




Another Pioneer Valley appearance! The Raspberry Skywalker vape has the sweet taste of raspberries combined with gassy and spicy herbal taste of Skywalker OG. Skywalker OG is typically reported as a true “balanced” mind/body hybrid that is also reported to stimulate your appetite. This flavor was created by combining Skywalker OG cannabis terpenes with the addition of natural botanically derived terpenes. Pioneer Valley Cannabis Company’s Inspired line of all natural vape products deliver a smooth, great taste with none of the additives or fillers.




A perennial all-star from Happy Valley made from a cross of Super Silver Haze & Lemon Skunk this powerful Sativa is known for a taste of sweet lemons and hints of citrus. Every batch of Super Lemon Haze has a POWERFUL taste and smell that is immediately recognizable. Effects are typically reported as energizing, cerebral, and creative. Super Lemon Haze is a flower strain that sells out rapidly EVERY time it’s on the shelves at Redi. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s typically a heavy hitter with flower strength of 25+% and terpenes that often surpass 3% (for more on terpenes see here.






Burmese Mimosa is a predominantly sativa hybrid created by crossing Rosè Mimosa with Orange Burmese. When you indulge in it, anticipate tasting fruity, citrusy, and slightly spicy notes. This strain is likely to provide a boost of energy and a pleasant uplift without being too intense. It might even add a touch of inspiration to your daily routine! Burmese Mimosa is an excellent option for individuals who usually avoid sativas but still desire a euphoric and uplifting experience.





A pre-roll appearance! Miss Grass offers mini-packs containing 0.4G pre-rolls. Dogwalkers pre-rolls? No need for those when Miss Grass is available! “Fast Times” is made from a blend of several different Sativa flower varieties. Users generally report uplifting, euphoric, creative & inspiring effects. Miss Grass also offers an “All Times” hybrid multi-pack and a “Quiet Times” indica multi-pack. With just three packages of Miss Grass you can cover all possible situations with a convenient micro-smoke! Perfect for any break.


9. Strane-Raspberry Cough 1G Live Resin Cartridge


Sometimes you just have to stick with the classics! “Raspberry Cough” is an old-school strain made my crossing a Cambodian grown landrace strain (a naturally occurring wild strain of cannabis) with “ICE”. It obtained it’s famous name when many users reported that their coughs after inhaling tasted of raspberries! Users typically report a happy euphoric and giggly effects from this sativa hybrid cartridge. Strane has recently converted all their cartridges over to Live Resin (see here for a thorough explanation)

These cartridges are also available as part of our ongoing “2 for $60” offer. This offer allows guests to “mix & match” so you could try out each of the cartridges present on this list for one low price!





The only flower strain on this list grown my multiple providers, you can’t go wrong with “Sour Diesel”.  This strain was first created in the early 1990’s. by crossing “Chemdawg” and “Super Skunk”. This hybrid flower leaves users reporting dreamy, cerebral, and fast-acting effects. The flavor profile is best described as “gassy” and the strain is lauded for it’s hard-hitting properties as well. “Sour D” was perhaps first popularized within the medicinal cannabis community where it has been used by many for management of both pain and stress.


Are any of these your favorites? What do you wish was on the list? If you haven’t tried any of these before, check them out, THOUSANDS of Redi guests can’t be wrong! While the reported effects may vary when you sample these offerings the quality will always be top-notch. Are you Redi for something new?!

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