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Looking for a spark of creativity? To dream deeper? To laugh loudly with friends? We work tirelessly to connect you with the experience you deserve.. Shop By Effect

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If I could I would give this place 10/10.  They are amazing.  Quick service, very friendly and always willing to help out. 

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We know you aren’t like everyone else; finding cannabis products to fit your unique lifestyle so you can enjoy cannabis your way, is our goal. Our well trained staff is ready to help cater to your creative side, promote rest and recovery, or simply reach new heights.

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We want to change the way you look at your retail experience when it comes to cannabis. Our team embraces the ways in which lifestyle and cannabis are connected. From elevating your day-to-day experiences, to taking a step back from it all. we’re here to help you discover something you love. Let our budtenders give you expert cannabis product advice. We’ll match your needs with the correct marijuana products.