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Cannabis Dispensary located in Newton, MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Malik Fitts
    03/23/2022 01:49 PM
  • Michael Volpe (Volpes Visisons)
    03/16/2022 12:35 AM
    Interesting place. They have games and couches, definitely a hang spot post COVID. Staff wasn't the most helpful as they expected me to know EXACTLY the brand I wanted. They did however provide a great sativa and they explained it to me as well. Not a local but if I was, I would go here again.
  • steven oliveira
    03/09/2022 01:54 AM
    Great dispensary, Jazmine is awesome!
  • Nikki S.
    02/27/2022 01:23 AM
    Amazingly friendly people work here! Excellent customer service and everyone was really helpful!! I didn’t make a large purchase but they still took care of me and answered all my questions and were patient the whole way through when an issue in the checkout process came up. I will definitely be coming back here from now on!
  • Colin Noonan
    02/24/2022 10:08 PM
    Jazmine was fantastic and very helpful!!
  • Bad Bisssh
    02/12/2022 03:15 AM
    I was helped by a beautiful young lady name Jazmine. She was very welcoming! She helped me in a knowledgeable and professional manner with all my questions. Thanks to Jazmine Redi was easy to navigate and have a variety of products that I was super happy with. I had Amazing experience at Redi and I can’t wait to come back .
  • Djymon Guerrier
    02/11/2022 08:41 PM
    Great bud shop here honestly best place in Mass and thank you to Jazmine for helping out
  • Dana ,Braun
    02/11/2022 10:28 PM
    Great location & selections along w/👍🏻 Customer service. Thank you Jazmine!
  • George Mayhew
    02/11/2022 10:55 PM
    Jazmine steered me from a decent product to a great product! Will be back for that service!
  • Charles Bianchi
    02/10/2022 09:21 PM
    Great cannabis store, great customer service provided by Jazmine..Would definitely recommend visiting..

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