What makes a flower so enticing? Is it the beautiful varieties, or do rich floral fragrances also add to the appeal? How many “mmm’s” echo throughout your office when you peel an orange? What’s up with the lavender bath bombs? The common theme here is Terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic and flavorful properties found in the oils of many plants, flowers and fruits. Terpenes can evoke a range of emotions and promote different effects and/or responses for those consuming or smelling a terpene rich product.

The Cannabis plant is unique because it contains high concentrations and diverse profiles of terpenes. This overwhelming profile of terpenes is actually a tactic of the cannabis plant in warding off pests and predators. For us, it is an overwhelming party for our senses. The Cannabis plant expresses many terpenes that can be found in commonly known fruits, plants or flowers like mango (myrcene), lavender (linalool) and pine (pinene) – just to name a few!

Let’s talk about Lavender, it’s a hot commodity in the world of relaxation and products that promote calm. Lavender tends to have a calming effect when gently inhaled. You can thank the Linalool terpene as it is highly concentrated in Lavender. If you love lavender and enjoy its effects, next time you visit a dispensary look for a strain that has linalool in it! It can also be very helpful to know what terpenes you don’t like or give you a bad experience. Let’s say lavender actually gives you headaches when you smell it. Knowing this, when you shop for cannabis, avoid strains that have linalool as a listed terpene.

Knowing what terpenes make you feel good, which ones don’t, and exploring new ones, you are truly empowering yourself as a cannabis consumer. What terpenes do you enjoy?

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